why blockchain will transform music

In the 21st century we have witnessed music transform from an ecosystem of small communities and storytelling to a suffocatingly centralized algorithm-driven industry.

This shift has closed off the relationship between artists and fans and inserted middlemen to sap the profits. We at Phoenix Studio are aiming to tackle this problem and return the power to the hands of the musicians.

The Problem With Algorithms In the modern music scene the only way for a small artist to make it big is to hit the jackpot with earning a spot on a Spotify Playlist or a viral TikTok trend. These are the two platforms that have monopolized music listeners and now serve as the gateway to popularity.

The problem with this model is that it stifles creativity. When a musician needs to cater their songs to an algorithm they are no longer expressing their authentic self. Rather they are molding their music to fit the algorithm and quickly capture the attention of listeners in this world of ever-shrinking attention spans.

How can an artist tell a story and express authenticity in a 5 second soundbite on TikTok? How can the fans actually connect to the artist and understand their background, their feelings, their style?

When was the last time you found a small music artist with a small following and an abundance of creative authenticity? Probably a while ago.

The Artist <> Fan Connection

The artist <> fan connection is vital for both involved.

The artists need the connection to hear the feedback on their works. It is one of the most fulfilling and motivating things to pour your soul into a song and then see how your fans embrace it. Every fan that voices their appreciation and every story about how your song has impacted someone’s life floods that feedback loop and energizes artists to produce more.

The fans need the connection to fully understand the artist, appreciate their music, and embrace their story.

Grassroots Discovery

We want to bring music back to the era of grassroots discovery. In this era there was no middleman. The fans would find the artists, whether through reading their story on an online blog, or hearing their music start to finish and connecting with the sentiment.

There was no algorithm to decide which music gets the exposure. There was no ploy for attention grabbing soundbites. This era was magical because grassroots discovery lead to the genuine connection between fan and artist.

Read more about the era of grassroots discovery here.


Blockchain technology can give us more grassroots discovery by completely removing middlemen from the relationship between artists and fans. Artists can release music, digital art, and build communities in a completely decentralized way. By freeing ourselves from these centralized algorithms, musicians are giving fans the space to interact with their content in new ways.

Imagine a world where you, as a fan, are speaking directly with the musicians. Your actions, whether it’s listening to a song, purchasing merchandise, or writing reviews, are directly visible to the artist. Not only that, but your actions are seen by the artist and can serve as proof of you being a fan.

Our dream is to foster this direct relationship between artist and fan for the benefit of both. The fan acts on their own accord, separate from middlemen and algorithms, and the artist receives all of the benefit. In this world there is so much more room for expression and creative freedom.